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This is the Reason Why Men Wear Shirt Polo It Hug-Able and could Enchanting Heart. you must know

HnF-In this modern era, the fashion trend is being loved by many people. Not only women, but also men who do not want to miss to appear more modern according to the times. Many models offer fashion designers or clothing store making it easier for hunters this fashion. If the model of "fun and chic" was popular for women, polo shirt who became warm conversation of men, especially those who love casual styles but still polite.
Now, HnF not only see how the increasingly popular polo shirt men, but also some of the reasons why men with a polo shirt that looked more handsome and attractive.

1. Not only looks handsome with a shirt collar, chest guy if wearing a polo shirt will be much more noticeable and certainly 'enticing.'

cool man
Because the cut collar on a polo shirt that is likely to form the 'Y', then here is what produces the effect of the field on the chest and guys who wear them. A guy with chubby or fat nor physique do not worry if you want to wear a polo shirt, because the effects are still visible chest when coupled with the selection of an appropriate size with the shape of the body. Bottom line, do not be too tight..
chubby guy look still cool with polo Shirt

2. Don't be so formal and casual as well, polo shirt it gives the impression polite to the wearer. Including if you are wearing, bro.

still handsome, right ??
In contrast to the shirt, polo shirt it doesn't produce rigid views on the wearer. Their collar and buttons on this polo shirt was not completely eliminate the impression of casual when worn by men. Because it's not formal or not so casual that makes the guy with a polo shirt will look more polite and hug-able.

3. Instead of the old-fashioned, wants to appear more mature and wise is the reason men choose a polo shirt.

it's cool man  ^-^
By looking around us, there is rarely a guy teens or teenagers who like to wear a polo shirt. They prefer patterned T-shirt or a plaid shirt with a color a little brighter. Far different with a boy more than 22 years of age, are more comfortable with a polo shirt as it will look older and wiser. Customize the appearance according to age it is very applicable here.

4. Because it can be combined with the pants and accessories of any kind, the appearance of a guy with a polo shirt never seemed excessive.

you can add anything  accessories
Originally not make going to the office or to a wedding, a polo shirt is very flexible to be worn on all occasions. A wide variety of accessories such as hats, necklaces or bracelets will not be seen 'excessive' if combined with a polo shirt. Likewise with his pants, whether it be long or short pants, a polo shirt would not look strange when worn.

5. Although having long hair or a crew cut, wearing a polo shirt guy can still captivate without hair neatly combed.

handsome man ^-^
By choosing a neutral colored polo shirt or dark, longish hair guy or smacking will not look cluttered despite mediocre combing her hair or without hair oil. Dark color makes the display more simple also can keep the hair that is less neat or lazy to set up all kinds. If you do not like dark colors, can also why choose blue, light green or light brown though not too 'bright'.

You can also choose light-colored polo shirt.

not bad, agree with me ??  ^-^
These create a bright color.
Do not choose bright colors such as pink, pale yellow or pale purple, okay ??

6. Due to the ability of polo shirts that can increase the handsomeness to double, not a few handsome actor who like wearing polo shirts.

actor hansome ^-^
For whatever reason, handsome actors who chose precisely polo shirt never fails to look more dashing. Mean heart support his appearance too potent to make the fans especially girls became hysterical and was crazy. If you pay attention, positive aura and the impression was obvious macho maximum when the handsome actor appeared with his favorite polo shirt.

Doesn't have to be handsome for captivate the hearts of girls just appear there is with the appropriate clothing is enough, really. Look good with a polo shirt could quickly you practice. Good luck!

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