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Dressing Tips for Tiny Body of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana Grande, besides famous for her voice that can reach high notes, also famous for the style of clothing that has a characteristic cheerful and feminine.

Grande petite is fairly intelligent in choosing clothes that adjust his size.

It's a six tips to dress from Ariana Grande that can be emulated by a tiny woman or tiny girl:

1. Use mini skirt
"I love skirts and mini dresses. I think characterizes my style is very feminine silhouette style of the '50s and' 60s," said Grande.

2. Model fluffy skirt
Grande advised to wear a skirt to expand or silhouette Model. He was very avoid wearing long skirts.

3. Love crop top
Grande is a big fan of crop tops or cut above the navel. "It was funny, fun, and sexy. I love the skirt to adjust," he said.

Ariana Grande Perform

4. Avoid oversized tops
"I do not often wear oversized clothing, unless I had a relaxing time when I rarely hide my figure," said the 22-year-old singer.

5. Not always use high-heeled shoes
"I think it is not a requirement to always use high heels. But I think sometimes high heels to support a fashion," the singer said the song "Break Free" is.

Ariana Grande Style Fashion

6. Needless avoid long dress
Petite does not mean Grande avoiding a length dress or a maxi dress. The key, Grande choose a long dress that wrapped the body perfectly, showing the silhouette of her body, and has a color that matches the color of his skin.

Ariana Grande Perform
don't be sad if you have a petite body, but give thanks to God because not everyone has a tiny body    ^_^

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