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Dont Swept Away When Broken Heart Everyone has their own way to cope with the sadness when suffered a breakup. For many people, a sense of confusion could be eliminated with listening to music.

Lilting music with sad lyrics, is considered to describe it grief from a broken heart. Through the lyrics we can also release the emotion.

Listening to sad music after a breakup was not only immerse themselves in grief, but also can help us get rid of the sad emotions.

always listening sad / melow music

"Music has the same shape and the same flow as human emotions. Kind of music like this can encourage someone who is grieving to cry or express a way that is right for her," says Kay Norton {Musicology}.

Research in 2014 also shows, listen to music melancholy after a breakup can give a peaceful feeling. A sense of joy will arise when we feel connected with the lyrics and be free to imagine.

They also feel empathy with musicians, so it was not alone in through grief.

Getting rid of sadness is an important step to overcome stress or loss. Precisely if we do not let emotions overflowed we will keep a sense of sadness that led to negative emotions and create a sense of loss even greater.

although listening to sad songs can make the feeling more comfortable, but it should not be too long listening to it.

Once you begin to feel better, immediately listen to the song with the melody faster and excited. Songs like "I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor belongs can make us more eager to rise from sadness. Likewise, Lewos Leona song "Better in Time", or "So What" Pink-owned or "you're not alone" from Bondan Prakoso.

change your sad/melow music

According to Susan Winter, relationship expert, listen to songs of Adele actually can help us rise from sorrow.

"Adele realize that love is a gift that lasts a long time. But it also contains the lyrics of the song of gratitude and hope that our former partner happy in her new life even without us," said Winter.

Attempts to feel the wisdom of the grief we experience also helped us more quiet and easy to move into a new phase. By listening to the songs are positive and happy, happiness will increase.

feel relax and enjoy your life


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